Skin Essence Clinic was founded and created by Pamela Davis & Bruce Nwachie. Together they created a formula that not only helps but rejuvenate the skin deep within and stimulate the skin cells, fascinated with black skin and the desire to satisfy people of color. Pamela and Bruce soon recognized that the need for healthy skin was at a all time high. State of the art corrective skin care, we dedicated to helping people in all skin type in achieving flawless skin. We promote healthy skin by assisting in the relief of acne/oily prone skin, dry skin, Hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs and treatment that smooth the body and rejuvenate. Here at Skin Essence Clinic we give results and not promises. Shop our skin collection online or visit one of our centers. We are here to help with over 25 years in the beauty/skin industry, we provide new levels of services giving our customers satisfaction and life changing results that impact their lives inside and out.